Some Scribblings

Hello, and welcome! I started this blog as a way to share my writing. I hope you enjoy as you make your way through the various scribblings I have made throughout the years. You can find my story “Flamingo” in the second issue of Stain’d magazine. Follow me on Instagram @mxxzen. Thank you. -Maxx


“In a 2016 Japanese government census, it is estimated that there are 540,000 people between the ages 15-39 that can be classified as Hikikomori (a person who withdraws from society entirely for months, sometimes years on end). The census also acknowledges that the number could easily be double that number, as most of these prefer to stay hidden entirely and would thus remain [...]

Holy, Holy Ghost

Holy, holy ghost rest now and lay with me. In heavy rain or rising water heavy heat/dead heat, rest now and lay with me.   Holy ghost, wholly dead sing and be sung Holy voices wholly heard like small lambs and lambs asleep.   holy, holy ghost leave now and leave be. Forgetful or forgotten [...]